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    Project To Do With Middle School & High School Students

    Carrying out projects with middle and high school aged students is different than carrying out projects with younger students. The themes and subjects of projects can be more complex and the ways of execution can be much more detailed and personalized. Especially larger group projects work well with older students.

    When you’re planning on doing projects with older students, it is productive to concentrate on broad topics. Broad topics offer students opportunities to improve their responsibility and taking action of their own learning. They also offer students the possibility to get well acquainted with the subject and examine the topic so that it requires deeper thinking.

    Take a look at a few examples of PBL with middle and high school aged students done right here at Dreamdo Schools: starting a student-journalism club, evoking awareness about the violence done against women, learning about the european region and doing a campaign on making the school a green and sustainable school.

    As a teacher you act as a guide to your students when exploring the possibilities of project-based learning. Here’s a small check list for you to follow up on when starting project-based learning with middle and high school students:

    1. Be clear when you give your students instructions. It is important to make all the goals, tasks, schedules and evaluation in the process of the project as transparent as possible. This way students know what they are expected to do and when and how they are evaluated.

    2. For a project to both provoke feelings of enthusiasm and be successful, students should be allowed to follow their passions. If someone wants to spend time on decorating the project or if one wants to upload videos, that’s great! – It’s all towards the goal of having motivated students and great projects!

    3. Be well prepared for each lesson. Even though your students are doing most of the work, it is your job to make sure all the materials they need are easily accessible. Middle and high school students are quite advanced at finding information but proper guidance is needed when selecting which sources and pieces of information are reliable.

    4. Projects can consist of very large and broad areas to cover which are time-consuming. So be ready to flex with your schedule – if you see your students are excited and motivated to work on their project, try not to pressure them with strict schedules that can kill their vibe!

    If you need a helping hand in planning your own project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help at


    Plan your own Dreamdo Schools project today.