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    Long-Term Projects With Students

    The projects you carry out with your students can vary a lot. We at Dreamdo Schools want to give teachers the opportunity to freely modify and choose their project so that it looks and feels like your class’ own thing.

    You can always choose to do a project based on just one school subject or you can combine several subjects to target the skills you wish your students to develop with. Also the duration of your project can vary from short-term to long-term.

    Projects that last for a longer period of time can have several goals and skills that it plans on targeting. Long-term projects are great for themes like improving the class atmosphere and collaboration in the classroom or to track a student’s progression in certain school subjects.

    For example doing a digital portfolio for art class during an entire semester can be an excellent way of evaluating and tracking your students’ work and their improvement in a fun & visual way. You can also use long-term projects in science class by doing a longitudinal study on recycling. Just use your imagination! If you're lacking inspiration just click to the Discover Projects section on our website & get inspired by the various class projects done within different themes!


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