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    What Is Dreamdo Schools And Why Should I Use It?

    Finding a great tool for project-based learning in this educational material jungle is sometimes a tough cookie. We at Dreamdo Schools despise unnecessary boundaries and strict limitations that make learning harder – we respect easy and simple solutions that leave teachers with as much freedom and choice as possible.

    Dreamdo Schools is the world’s leading project-based learning platform that is accredited as "globally scaleable and locally adoptable for teaching 21st century skills” and as “an excellent tool for project-based learning" by the National Board of Education in Finland. It is currently used in over 20 countries and the feedback we’ve gotten from teachers is great. This is how Sanna Kotkaslahti, 5th grade teacher from Finland, has described using Dreamdo Schools in her class:

    “My students have learned how to work and communicate better, not only as a class, but also with the world around them. They have started dreaming and they have realized how important it is to work in order to reach those dreams. – – ”

    We’ve made your job easy: we give you an easy-to-use and simple platform that engages students in project-based learning. We offer you a global community where you can find a buddy class abroad to gain knowledge of foreign cultures, to learn how to use PBL and to interact in a worldwide school network. We’ve even got your back covered with a handful of helpful articles to kick-start project-based learning with your students.

    To have your PBL journey start off nice and smooth we’ve produced a video called the Dreamdo Schools Tutorial. The three-minute Dreamdo Schools Tutorial video will guide you step by step through everything you need to know about Dreamdo Schools! Click on the photo below to open a link to the Dreamdo Schools Tutorial video:

    Don’t have time to watch it now? Follow these quick tips and you’ll be using Dreamdo Schools in no time!

    1) Go to the front page of Dreamdo Schools at and click start your project on the top right hand corner to register as a user.
    2) Fill in your personal information and school information.
    3) You are all set to start your own class project!

    All you need for now is just a cover image for your project and a brief explanation of what you are going to do with your class. If you don’t have a crystal clear idea yet, don’t worry! You can always edit your project later with your own personal log ins and ask us for any help you need at We are happy to help.

    Plan your own Dreamdo Schools project today.