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    How To Plan My Lessons With Project-Based Learning?

    Lesson planning can be a friend or a foe. If you’re familiar with what you’re doing it’s usually easy and fun but what about when you’re trying something new and you’re out of your own comfort zone? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Just follow these steps and you’ll be acing those lessons using project-based learning in no time.

    First answer these three easy questions:

                1) What age group are my students?
                2) Do I want a short-term or long-term project?
                3) Do I choose to focus on one schools subject/ theme/ skill or a combination of several themes and skills in my project?

    Once you’ve answered these three questions, have a look at a few of the articles below depending on your answers. They will help you get more knowledge on what your project could look like.

    How to Do A Project With Students?
    Projects To Do With Elementary School Students
    Project To Do With Middle & High School Students
    Short-Term Projects With Students
    Long-Term Projects With Students
    What Is Project-Based Learning & How Does Dreamdo Schools Promote It?
    Teacher: Principles For Project-Based Learning

    Having done your research, you can then proceed from dreaming and brainstorming to actual actions. We have prepared you with a few helpful materials to get you started:

    – Start by downloading our free Teacher Handbook, which explains everything you need to know about Dreamdo Schools.

    – Then download the Dream board and cards, which are needed for the brainstorming session where your students decide what project they'd like to do.

    – Finally, get the free Do board and cards to plan the project and visualize your progress.

    Download the Dreamdo Schools Teacher Material from the For Teachers section to help with the brainstorming and ideating in the classroom.


    Plan your own Dreamdo Schools project today.