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    Edwidge Seechurn:

    The dream of the Standard 3 Blue Pupils

    Our school, the New La Tour Koenig Government School, was built in 1999. This year, there is a school population of nearly 390 pupils with more girls than boys. It's a two streams school, that is, there are two sections per level. The standard 3 Blue class (a third year class of our primary education cycle - pupils aged 7 to 8 years) was chosen for the dreamdo project as the educator in charge of the class is a very dynamic and motivated lady, keen to put into practice new strategies for the benefit of the mixed-ability pupils of her class. She is very committed and dedicated. Although the pupils are of mixed ability, they are very low in English, having difficulty to understand and make use of the language. The problem here in our small island of Mauritius is that our official language is English despite most of us here having Mauritian Kreol as mother's tongue. To worsen things, all classes are done in English. Mother's tongue is only used as reinforcement. We have found that low performance in English is a major factor in the non-success of our pupils in their final exams at the end of primary school. Most of these unfortunate pupils are dropped out of the education system. The pupils of our school come from poor and very difficult background. The dream of these pupils and in particular the pupils of Std 3 Blue, is to succeed in life in general and failure in their academic life will surely be a hinder to this. We want our pupils to be able to achieve their dreams and to do so we wanted to find a way to enhance their learning and understanding of the English language. We want the pupils to have fun doing so. We hope to help the pupils through the use of innovative learning and teaching process using instructional technology and multimedia (e-learning). Another feature of our small island is its multiculturalism. Our ancestors come from Africa, Asia and Europe. We have people of different origins, with different culture living together. We also wanted to integrate ability to live with people from different communities as this is crucial for our island. Thus, after some brainstorming we have come with the idea of a play in English based on our festivals.