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    Tamara Nedovic:

    Primary school Bozidar Vukovic Podgoricanin is situated in the suburb of Podgorica called Konik. This is the area which is settled with a lot of Roma families but also the families which are in social care need. There are a lot of prejudices about this neighbourhood and the school itself. So the teachers have important tasks- to teach children and to convince the people and children from the other parts of town that all children are equal and have same rights. The school is attended by 1 674 pupils. From that number 267 children of Roma population attend the lessons in their settlement called Konik camp 2. The home school has 410 Roma children and 535 children whose families are in the social care need. The number of teachers who work at Bozidar Vukovic Podgoricanin school is 96. Our school is in process of educational reforms. Beside the regular lessons, we implement many other activities (sport, dance, art, different kinds of workshops, drama, etc.