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    Claudia Moreira Garcia:

    Grup9 Curitiba: Gleissolos- The Gleissolos (G) are minerals, lowlands, developed in recent unconsolidated sediments, clayey constitution, sandy clay and sandy, the Holocene period. May occur with some accumulation of organic matter, however, with the horizon glei starting within 50 cm of the surface, or between 50 and 125 cm, since preceded by horizons with abundant presence of mottled and color reduction. Misunderstands very poorly drained soils and having characteristics resulting from the influence of the permanent or temporary excess moisture, due to the presence of groundwater near the surface during a certain period of the year. Have a subsurface horizon grayish gray, with yellowish or reddish mottled originating from the oxidation of iron in the soil matrix, as a result of oxidation-reduction phenomena. Soils are very diverse in their physical, chemical and morphological because of the circumstances in which they are formed from sediment delivery and under hydromorphic condition.