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    Dreamdo Schools FAQ

    What is Dreamdo Schools?

    Dreamdo Schools is the world’s leading project-based learning platform that encourages school classes around the world to do great projects. Teachers who join Dreamdo Schools get access to our online platform where together with their students they can create, document and share their student’s projects and discover great projects other schools are doing. In addition, we supply teachers with materials for workshops where students can brainstorm, plan and start doing their dream projects.

    Do you have a physical Dreamdo School somewhere?

    No, we don’t. Dreamdo Schools is a concept applied to existing schools and educational organisations.

    Who can use Dreamdo Schools?

    Any school, teacher or educational organisation can use Dreamdo Schools. There are no age limits for the students: anyone from elementary to high-school aged students can take part.

    How to join Dreamdo Schools program?

    All you need to do is register and you’re all set! You can register here.

    Do I have to pay something to be a part of the Dreamdo Schools program?

    No. Participating in Dreamdo Schools is free-of-charge. We do not have membership fees. Our Teacher Packages are free for the teacher - we seek corporate and other sponsors to cover the cost of the package and its shipping.

    What is the Teacher Package and why do I need?

    Dreamdo Schools Teacher Package is a physical box that is sent to the school for free thanks to our corporate and other sponsors. It contains a Teacher Guide, Dream and Do boards and cards plus some fun accessories for the students that help them brainstorm and remind them to dream & do.

    Can I get some teacher materials online?

    You can easily download for free and print the Teacher Guide, Dream and Do boards and cards from the For Teachers section on our website. Dreamdo Schools materials cannot be used for commercial purposes.

    Why are you doing this?

    We want to live meaningful lives and help others do the same. Having bold dreams, saying them out loud and making them happen brings meaning to life and makes the world a better place. We created the Dreamdo Schools to promote this cause in schools and educational organisations around the globe.

    How is this financed?

    We seek partnerships with foundations and corporations to provide Teacher Packages for free to the schools that are part of Dreamdo Schools.

    How much does a Teacher Package cost?

    Dreamdo Schools Teacher Package is completely free for the school. Dreamdo Schools seeks corporate and other sponsors to cover the cost of the package.

    How do you protect students’ privacy?

    We take privacy very seriously, which is why students cannot have individual accounts on our website. They can only access and post to their classes’ project through a code given to them by the teacher.

    Who can see our class’ dreams on the Dreamdo Schools website?

    By default, all the projects are visible to everyone. However projects can only be commented by users that are registered to Dreamdo Schools.

    How can the teacher give students the login code?

    When the teacher signs into the service and creates a project page, they will have access to an automatically generated code by pressing “Code for Students” button, located in the centre of the cover image of their project. You can write it out for the class - the same code can be used by all the students.

    Where is Dreamdo Schools from?

    Our offices are located in Helsinki and Mikkeli in Finland.
    Address: Merikatu 9, Helsinki, Finland 00140.